Guess what we did on our summer (2002) vacation?


Here we see Adam and his 35lb salmon caught off Victoria, BC during the summer of 2000. (He's holding the fish, that's his sister Annamarie next to him). No, the fish is not biting her ear.

A successful day of fishing off Martha's Vineyard July, 2000 with friends:



And here we have a happy boy with a trout caught on the Wind River in Wyoming during our Great Summer Adventure for 2001. Sadly, we ran out of memory on the digital camera before an incredibly beautiful and productive float trip on the Madison--where we found some big fish.

How's this for a nice fish?? Adam caught it, of course. He was nice enough to allow me to pose with him and it. This was on the Monomoy flats off Chatham, Cape Cod in the summer of 2002. One of the best fishing days ever! (It's a 38 in striped bass in case you don't recognize it.) We first thought Adam had hooked a seal -- Almost!! After walking it around in the water for a while it swam away vigorously to take another fly another day,

Do you believe this kid??!?





Yes, these are all different fish. Then, finally, here's my monster!: